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11 Blogging Best Practices for IT Teams

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 02-22-2013 Print

Thanks to blogs and the ubiquitous nature of social media these days, everybody is a writer, right? And that also extends to your IT department staffers as they seek to impart their wisdom about technologies and industry trends to existing and new audiences. In many cases, this kind of profile serves a multi-beneficial purpose. It positions your team members as informed professionals--possibly even respected authorities--in their fields. It can also cast a favorable light upon you and your organization, if simply through association. But these efforts can backfire too, especially if there are no company guidelines to help employees understand what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate online behavior. Given this, Janco Associates has produced the following best practices for CIOs and other tech managers. Clearly, the intent here isn't to discourage workers from expressing themselves. Instead, the guidelines try to steer them in the direction of posting content that advances your organization's mission, as opposed to distracting from or damaging it. These best practices are part of an extensive report from Janco titled CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle.


Brand Visibility  Assuming all rules are followed and your team members are exercising good judgment, encourage them to link to your organization's site.


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