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BYOD Supported by Employees' 'Live-to-Work' Ethos

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 12-05-2012 Print

The BYOD craze has swept the world. From mature markets to developing markets, IT decision makers are increasingly allowing employees to bring their own devices into the office and use them for work purposes. In a surprising number of cases, employees are unilaterally bringing devices into the office and deciding that their employers should allow them to use them. After all, the employees reason, how could it hurt?

In a new study from research firm Ovum, there appears to be more to the BYOD craze than CIOs or employees deciding that using personal devices is fine. In fact, there appears to be a “live-to-work” mentality developing around the world that has prompted employees to want to use their personal devices in the office. It seems the average worker feels that by using their personal devices in the corporate world, it makes it easier to do work wherever they are. Call it a renewed work ethic made possible in part by Apple’s iPhone.


In the 17 markets around the world analyzed by Ovum, 57% of full-time employees use some type of BYOD.


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