Employees Most Value Salary and Quality of Life

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 02-07-2013 Print

CIOs and other top managers have always struggled to find new, creative ways to recruit and retain quality employees. In prior years, an effective way to reward someone without actually paying them was to give them a fancy job title. Often, this didn't involve a raise, but it still worked. However, today's workers aren't falling for that anymore. In fact, the vast majority say having a big title doesn't really matter to them, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. So what do they value? Well, there's always money. But quality of life perks--such as flexible scheduling and telecommuting--also matter. And if you can kick in a private office and a company car, all the better. While the latter may represent an unrealistic accommodation, it's clear that CIOs and other organizational leaders have to develop a clear sense about what their most valued staffers matter, because a significant share are now successfully seeking new opportunities elsewhere. More than 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals and nearly 4,000 workers took part in the research.


Mobile Workers  14% would prefer a company car.

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