Five Tough Job Interview Questions

In a recent feature, we presented eight job-interview techniques to better assess a promising job candidate's genuine traits and values. As indicated, much is on the line as bad hire will cost organizations at least $25,000, according to research from CareerBuilder. And since you can never equip yourself with enough resources to weed out true professionals from those who are good at “faking it," we're following up with these five tough questions to ask during an interview. They were compiled by CareerBliss.com, based upon the site's conversations with hiring managers. Even better, we're also presenting five wrong applicant responses and five right responses for you to review. True, the questions cover familiar territory, such as career accomplishments and job expectations, but they're worded in a way to draw out an honest appraisal of whether the applicant maintains an organization-benefiting perspective—or is just looking out for #1. CareerBliss is an online job posting/company review/professional advice site. For more about the questions, click here.


"Why Do You Want to Work Here?"  Wrong answer: "To make lots of money and/or because benefits are great" or, worse, "Because I really need this job."

This article was originally published on 05-29-2013
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