Millennials and Boomers: Living in Harmony?

Hey, maybe we can all get along, after all. The most recent engagement study from Randstad reveals that Millennials and Baby Boomers are actually united on a number of key workplace issues, such as personal motivation and their organization's prospects for staffing stability. And on many other important topics, they're really not that far apart. So should we expect CIOs to now hear less of their experienced, Boomer workers grumbling about "those over entitled, under-worked young people?” And fewer Gen Yers complaining about "old geezers who need to step aside” and make room for a new generation? Well, let's not push the concept too far here. But as senior managers, CIOs can point to the survey results to demonstrate that these two generations share considerable common ground, even if there are occasional differences in personal styles and philosophies. "Employers are seeing more generations sitting side-by-side in the workplace than ever before," says Jim Link, managing director for Randstad US. "It is critical for companies to take note of the distinct characteristics, motivations and perspectives, as well as the overlaps in attitude and workplace desires. Companies can dive into what engagement and retention drivers are aligned and not aligned, to identify and prioritize the largest opportunities to improve employee engagement." More than 3,400 adult professionals took part in the Randstad survey.


Value Statement  75% of Millennials feel that their company shares their values, compared to 65% of Boomers.

This article was originally published on 03-27-2013
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