Nine Employee 'Types' You Don’t Want to Hire

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 03-08-2013 Print

Hiring a bad employee will impact your IT department in wide-ranging ways--from lowered productivity to bad office morale to customer and user dissatisfaction, among other factors. Not surprisingly, these professionals will drain your department's bottom line: 41% of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than $25,000, and one-quarter say it costs more than $50,000, according to CareerBuilder. More than one in five employers say poor recruiting hurts key relationships with clients. And one in 10 employers say it can cause sales declines--and even trigger legal issues. So how do you spot a bad tech worker? They materialize in a wide variety of forms, and many are highly skilled at disguising their deficits. But, that said, there are a number of classic "types" who will eventually expose themselves as guilty of the following behaviors. These examples were compiled from a number of career resources, most particularly Fred Pryor Seminars/CareerTrack, an international provider of professional advice and training conferences, workshops and webinars, which created this list of toxic employee types.


The Face Timer  Sure, Face Timer is always in the office--and will tell everyone how long he stays. However, he rarely gets any work of actual substance done.

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