Nine Major Productivity Killers

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 07-05-2013 Print

In a world that's constantly driven by getting work done as quickly as possible and moving on to the next task, time management has become a major concern for employees, the business side, and especially CIOs. Companies around the globe are turning to their CIOs to find out what employees are doing that reduces their productivity and either arm them with the products that will increase their productivity, or stop them from engaging in the behavior that decreases it. With that in mind, OfficeTime.net, a company that sells time-tracking software, recently surveyed more than 600 people to determine their biggest productivity-killers in the office.


Number 1: Better Answer Those E-mails  E-mail is a major hit for productivity. In fact, 33% of respondents say they spend between one and two hours e-mailing each day. Another 22% spend more than two hours a day responding to e-mails.

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