Ten Outrageous Job Interview Questions

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Updated 01-14-2013 | Posted 01-11-2013 Print

Do you go out of your way to avoid asking interview questions that every job candidate has heard countless times before? You know the ones we’re talking about. (“Where do you envision yourself being in five years?” “What was the last book you read?”) Well, if you really want to push the proverbial envelope and challenge job interviewees, you may want to check out the following extreme questions asked during actual interviews. One in five employees plans to look for a new job in the next three months if the economy remains the same, according to Glassdoor, a career and recruitment community site. You might be tempted to challenge job applicants to get a sense of who will rise to the occasion in your IT department, but consider this list a cautionary reminder to not take this notion too far lest you send talented interviewees searching for the door. Compiled by Glassdoor, the list is taken from tens of thousands of interview questions that were shared by job candidates over the last year.


3. Recipe for Disaster
“How would you direct someone else on how to cook an omelet?”

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