The 12 Best States for 'Sticky' Tech Talent

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 02-25-2013 Print

No CIO wants to invest a significant amount of time screening and interviewing countless job candidates only to have the subsequent new hires leave the department in a year or so. Strong retention translates to bottom-line benefits, given the costs of HR processing, training, transitioning and other factors--not to mention the talent drain that results within critical IT functions after employees leave. With this in mind, Dice.com has produced the following "top 12" list of states that have the best overall "sticky" tech talent. That means that employees are very much in-demand, but they're not particularly likely to be tempted by offers that would require relocation. (Given the high level of competition for suitable IT professionals, many organizations are ramping up their out-of-state and out-of-metro area recruitment efforts.) The following states were ranked according to two criteria: Whether the tech workers there are willing to relocate, and if they maintain a high degree of confidence in their ability to find another job. More than 15,000 IT employees took part in the research.


New Hampshire  37% of tech employees are willing to relocate, and 63% are confident in their ability to find a new position.

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