Agile Development Tail Wags the Business Dog

By Michael Vizard  |  Posted 02-19-2013 Print

For several years now agile development methodologies have been gaining adherents across the developer spectrum. While it's taken some time for agile development to attain mainstream adoption in the developer community, the ripple effect of all that code is now starting to be felt across the business.

A survey conducted by Serena Software, a provider of application lifecycle management software, at the recent Application Architecture, Development and Integration (AADI) Summit goes a long way to highlighting this point. The survey of nearly 100 IT executives attending the conference found that while delivering applications faster was still the number one priority, aligning IT with the business has moved from ninth place in 2012 to second place in 2013.

Miguel Tam, senior products marketing manager for Serena Software, says the reason for this change is that organizations are not only trying to develop more code faster than ever, they are now trying to make the entire business as agile as the development teams writing their code. According to the survey, IT executives today have the following 10 priorities.


Develop Mobile Apps  Given today’s growth of mobile computing, it’s surprising this isn’t higher on the list of priorities.

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