Users Want Mobile Apps, Not Mobile Websites

The mobile world is changing at a rapid rate. People around the globe are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to get information, and companies are responding to that change through a host of measures. In some cases, companies have decided to launch mobile Websites aimed at making it easier to browse their pages on a mobile device. In other cases, mobile apps have become the go-to method for targeting customers. However, deciding which is best has not been easy for companies.

That's why Compuware, a technology performance company, recently conducted a survey of 3,500 consumersto find out what they wanted from the mobile solutions being offered by companies. And perhaps not surprisingly to the CIO who wants to double down on mobile efforts in the next few years, apps are found to be far more appealing than mobile Websites.

"Performance is a crucial contributor to providing a dependable mobile app user experience, so performance should be considered a key driver in the design process," notes Compuware Technology Strategist Stephen Pierzchala. "Mobile applications need to focus on a core utility, and they need to be fast and reliable in order to be valuable."

Compuware's study is an important one for any company looking to enhance the customer's mobile experience. For one, it illustrates the correct tools that should be used to get most out of a mobile solution


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This article was originally published on 03-22-2013
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