Big Data Translates Into Big Demand for Tech Tools

Posted : 09-29-2017

With the volume and velocity of data growing staggeringly fast, an increasing number of companies are investing in big data platforms and interfaces—as well as a variety of other data-focused tools—to respond to the subsequent demands on IT, according to a recent survey from Progress. The accompanying report,... Read More »

How Agile Adoption Will Improve App Testing

Posted : 09-28-2017

With the vast majority of organizations now viewing enterprise app testing as a crucial strategic pursuit, CIOs and their IT teams believe that the adoption of continuous delivery and agile processes will greatly improve testing, according to a recent survey from Panaya. The resulting "Read More »

How ROI Analysis Supports a Smooth Cloud Migration

Posted : 09-19-2017

The majority of organizations are now conducting a formal ROI assessment before migrating to the cloud, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The resulting "2017 Unisys State of Cloud Transformation Survey" report indicates that most of... Read More »

Schlegel Villages Puts Wireless to Work

Posted : 09-13-2017

The provider of long-term retirement care dials into a faster, better wireless network, rolling out software for managing health records on mobile devices. Read More »

Web Apps Are the Most Vulnerable to Breaches

Posted : 09-11-2017

Is the cloud more—or less—secure than on-premises data centers? The "2017 Cloud Security Report," a study from Alert Logic, found 51 percent more security incidents per customer in on-premises installations than in... Read More »