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An Inside View of Big Data at Big Companies

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 12-27-2012 Print

Big data is a big issue for CIOs. With an increasing amount of data hitting their servers, CIOs need to find a way to crunch it, analyze it, and ensure it can become actionable for the business side. For many CIOs, that means relying on Hadoop and Hive, trying to determine what the future might be and staying ahead of competitors that are also crunching their own big data. It’s no small feat. And it’s something that CIOs think about often as they’re aligning their strategies and assigning cash to different sections of their IT budgets.

A new study titled “Big Data: How Real is it?” from Actuate Corporation attempts to gain a better understanding of big data and its impact on large enterprises. The Actuate study examines responses from 516 participants at companies with more than $1 billion in revenue and digs deep into how data is crunched, analyzed and shared. It’s a study that the any CIO thinking seriously about big data needs to understand.


Lack of Staff, Costs
The most common reasons for not doubling down on big data are a lack of “staff with expertise” and the “expected cost of Big Data initiatives.”


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