Big Data Is Big-Time Important In the Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 12-17-2012 Print

Big Data is no longer just something that major companies are talking about. In fact, in a new study from GigaSpaces, an organization that provides application virtualization services to the enterprise, Big Data’s importance to a growing number of firms is made abundantly clear.

For many CIOs, that’s not a big surprise. The sheer amount of data being created in the corporate world today is immense. And an increasing number of companies are trying to find ways to handle all of that data and analyze it in a manner that would make decisions both easier to make and better. In many cases, companies are using software like Hadoop to handle their data. And, typically, that Hadoop installation is central to business processes and decisions. Simply put, Big Data is really, really important.


Where’s Big Data headed? 80% of companies that say Big Data is “mission critical” plan on moving it to the cloud.

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