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IT, Marketing Struggling With Customer Initiatives

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 04-22-2013 Print

Organizations have never had more opportunities to gather, analyze and deploy product and services strategies based upon the wealth of available customer-related information. To ensure success, IT and marketing should coordinate closely on these efforts. However, top executives from both departments say that a wide range of factors is preventing this from happening, according to a recent survey from the CMO Council and SAS. The accompanying report, Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO & CIO, reveals that CIOs and other senior tech execs feel that marketing tends to "skirt around" IT. Too often, marketing will deploy its own systems, not connecting to legacy infrastructures, tech survey respondents say. Those on the marketing side feel, however, that tech's timelines are too dragged out, with a general reluctance to deploy. They also suspect that IT doesn't consider marketing a high enough of a priority. Nearly 240 senior marketers and more than 210 senior IT executives took part in the research, including those from companies such as Citi, GM, Hilton, Lockheed Martin and PNC Financial Services. For more about the survey, click here


Packed Schedule  53% in IT feel that they have to deal with priorities other than marketing programs, which has led to conflict.


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