Cloud-Based Collaboration Pays Off

The cloud is all the rage in today's rapidly changing corporate space. Companies around the globe are deploying cloud solutions and CIOs are more than happy to listen to pitch after pitch from service providers to see what might be the best solution for their operations. In the minds of many CIOs, the cloud's opportunities are limitless, and to not capitalize on them would be a huge mistake. A new study based on surveys from more than 500 executives by Forbes Insights lines up with that thinking. In fact, the organization found that the cloud is becoming a key driver of success in the marketplace. And for companies that leverage the cloud, the gains in collaboration are making cloud investments worthwhile. "The ability to collaborate in the cloud is becoming a key driver of competitive advantage," says Bruce Rogers, chief insights officer of Forbes Media. "Leading companies are doing more to foster cloud-based collaboration—not only internally, but also with an ever-wider swath of external groups including customers, suppliers, partners, and even regulators."


Competitive Advantages, Anyone?  Every company is looking for a competitive advantage. So, it's no surprise that 78% of companies that have used cloud-collaboration tools believe that what they're doing is giving them a leg up over competitors.

This article was originally published on 06-28-2013
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