Enterprise IT Gains Cloud Sophistication

The popular perception is that many IT organizations are resistant when it comes to cloud computing. However, a recent survey of 822 IT decision-makers in the U.S. conducted by the IT research firm Neovise on behalf of Virtustream, a provider of cloud management software, finds that organizations that embraced cloud computing a year or more ago are showing signs of increased cloud sophistication. Not only are most of them using multiple forms of cloud computing, but they are now looking to exercise more control over the components of a cloud regardless of where that cloud is operating. The survey finds that 54 percent of the IT managers have embraced cloud computing and that Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the most widely used form of cloud computing. In terms of future deployment plans, on-premise private clouds are preferred by the largest percentage of IT organizations, but it's too early to say what cloud computing model may dominate IT or if any specific one will. Perhaps the best news from a CIO perspective is the survey clearly shows that when it comes to cloud computing as a new style of enterprise computing, one-third of IT organizations are well into the next phase of adoption.


Importance of Hybrid Cloud Attributes  Any IT function relating to agility was rated highly important or somewhat important. Ability to access data in another cloud – 86%Ability to pool resources across multiple clouds – 85%Ability to move applications to a second cloud – 83%Run multi-tier applications across multiple clouds – 83%  Ability to Scale Out to a Second Cloud – 82%

This article was originally published on 07-12-2013
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