More Cloud Means More Worries For Enterprise Users

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More Cloud Means More Worries For Enterprise Users

More Cloud Means More Worries For Enterprise Users

Covert Apps  One-third of companies admitted to acquiring cloud applications without the IT side's knowledge. That makes it extremely difficult for CIOs to manage the security and compliance issues that will arise when deployment begins.

The enterprise's reliance on the cloud is expected to increase in the coming years. And most CIOs, seeing that trend, are trying to determine--if they haven't already--whether it's a good idea to follow it and move some services to the Web.

  • In a new study from identity-management company SailPoint, the cloud's importance is by no means being discounted. However, SailPoint found in its survey of 400 IT and business leaders at organizations across the U.S. and U.K. that while cloud reliance is important to many firms, risk related to the cloud and other trends is growing. The SailPoint study also underscores the increasing issues that companies are facing as the IT function communicates with the business side. While CIOs tend to realize that it's nearly impossible to allow all access to company services through a growing array of devices, business leaders are increasingly coming down on the IT side for whenever security issues arise. The result? A breakdown in both the understanding and perceived value of certain IT functions.
This article was originally published on 01-04-2013
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