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The State of the Cloud Storage Adoption

By Don Reisinger  |  Updated 02-08-2013 | Posted 02-08-2013 Print

If a CIO has heard it once, he or she has heard it a thousand times: The cloud is the future. From storage, to computing, to data recovery, the cloud is viewed by many to be the panacea that the corporate world has always been waiting for. Without cloud comouting, some say, companies could find themselves far behind competitors that realize and embrace the advantages of the Web.

In a new survey from cloud-storage company Twin Strata, that same old refrain seems to have been proven true. The vast majority of respondents to the company's study say that the cloud is an integral component in their data-retention efforts. And not surprisingly, many of them plan to increase their investment in cloud computing in the coming years.


So, What Are You Using?  59% of companies that employ cloud computing are currently using Infrastructure as a Service solutions and 57% are using Software as a Service.


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