Virtualization: Misunderstood and Underappreciated

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-13-2013
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Virtualization: Misunderstood and Underappreciated

Clearly Not Informed   Despite the many benefits of virtualization, 61% of respondents had no idea if virtualization would help make their jobs easier.

There's a knowledge gap in the enterprise about virtualization and its impact on companies, according to a new survey of more than 1,200 employees by Cisco partner firms. The survey reveals that while CIOs see the value of deploying a virtualization initiative, the employees working at their firms have no idea what virtualization is. And even those employees and executives who understand virtualization are having a hard time understanding its advantages. "As IT managers grapple with problems such as server sprawl, BYOD security and software licensing, an empathetic and knowledgeable executive will be key to begin solving these issues," according to the Cisco partner firms. "The basic misunderstanding by the general public about how virtualization works and what its benefits are stands as a major hindrance to widespread adoption of server and desktop virtualization." As noted by Cisco's partners, the lack of knowledge stands in stark contrast to employees’ understanding of new trends, such as BYOD. The non-IT side was able to understand that consumer devices could be of value, and they ran with those products right into the office. Virtualization, however, is far more difficult to comprehend--and that might be causing a huge disconnect between the CIO and the business side.

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