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Who's Protecting Your Cloud?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 03-20-2013 Print

Cloud computing is what the world is focusing on right now. Both big and small companies around the globe are saying that cloud computing is improving productivity, making employees happier, and producing an overall positive impact on the office. Things are going so well, in fact, that even the business side is pushing the IT professionals in the office to add more cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing, in other words, has hit a tipping point.

But as a new survey of 748 IT and IT security practitioners by CA Technologies has found, cloud computing is still causing its fair share of security troubles. In fact, when it comes to best practices, just half of the companies engaging in cloud computing are doing their best to secure those solutions.

“We believe that organizations can do better and gain the benefits of cloud computing by reducing risk and achieving that desired balance of protection and business enablement,” according to CA Technologies General Manager Mike Denning.

In other words, for all of the benefits of cloud computing, when it comes to actually securing the network and performing all of the proactive tasks that ensure sensitive data isn’t seeping into the wild, CIOs need to step up their game.


Watch Out!  Despite the concerns with cloud computing security, just 35% of companies vet the software’s security features before deploying it across the office.


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