Businesses Lack Insight Into Network Activity

Enterprises are increasing their investment into network-centric computing to improve end-user productivity, manage costs and increase IT efficiencies. But these advancements are also adding to the overall lack of visibility into ongoing network activity, according to a recent survey from Endace. The 2012 Network Visibility Survey reveals that the visibility issue is creating bottlenecks on the IT support-desk front. Indeed, an alarming number of complex network problems are maintaining "open ticket" status for a month or longer. "Most IT shops have invested heavily in detection technologies that alert on issues and correlation technologies that attempt to filter and triage the most important issues," says Spencer Greene, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Endace, which is a intelligent network recording and visibility infrastructure company. "But what we've learned from this study is that many shops still face long resolution times far too often." The Endace report also provides insights about the most in-demand network investment technologies.


App Unawareness
Nearly 40% don't have adequate insight into the applications in use on their network.

This article was originally published on 11-26-2012
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