Increasing Performance With Monitoring Solutions

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 05-20-2013
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Increasing Performance With Monitoring Solutions

A Select Few Are Ahead of the Pack  14% of IT decision-makers say their management software tools are consolidated and provide full, end-to-end visibility.

In the corporate environment, ensuring that employees remain productive while still keeping everything secure is no easy task. For years now, CIOs have been imploring their business colleagues to add more resources to IT budgets, understanding that without them, monitoring the safety of the company will suffer. And when safety suffers, so will the company.

In a recent survey of 150 IT decision-makers around the world, CA Technologies discovered that while companies are increasingly trying to adopt innovative business models and services, their biggest difficulty is monitoring such solutions to ensure that policies are being followed and security is kept as tight as possible.

"Senior executives across all functions are expecting IT to contribute to game-changing innovation and business transformation that can get products and services to market faster, spur revenue growth and support the agile creation of entirely new business models," says Mike Sargent, general manager, Service Assurance, CA Technologies. "This study confirms our belief that converged infrastructure management better positions enterprises and service providers to manage the stresses and strains brought on by accelerated adoption of mobile technologies, rich-media content and higher expectations from customers."

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