10 Facts About Open Source and the Linux Kernel

If you were ever curious about how many developers and companies have contributed to the Linux kernel during its more than a quarter century of existence - in addition to a wealth of other interesting statistics about the kernel - then you'll want to check out this list of 10 "fun facts" from The Linux Foundation. In its "2017 Linux Kernel Development Report," the foundation has compiled... Read More »

NY Philharmonic’s Archives Strike the Right Note

The New York Philharmonic’s digital archives rely on open-source technology to create a robust look into the institution’s rich past.

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Free and Open Source: Enterprise Support Is Needed

Free and open source software (FOSS) is one of those creatures that the technology industry often doesn’t understand. Some still see it as software that is made by a bunch of developers who sit in their home basement all day long and create new products. With help and support from the open source community, some of those programs have become industry standards. The truth is, though,... Read More »

Wasted Dollars: The Problem of Unused Software

A significant percentage of organizations will increase their software budgets for the indefinite future, according to a recent survey from Flexera Software. However, there's... Read More »

For New Website, Sesame Street Goes Open Source

Switching to open source software has allowed Sesame Street to create, manage and continually refresh its Website—and win several impressive awards.

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HP Launches Open-Source Version of webOS Platform

HP releases the Beta version of its open-source webOS platform in two builds, desktop and OpenEmbedded. Read More »

New Apache Project 'Drill' Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries

Led by Hadoop vendor MapR Technologies, the open-source effort will seek innovative ways to push Hadoop data queries through more quickly for users. Read More »

How Facebook's Data Center Leads by Example

The world's largest social network hopes to "inspire the industry to be a little more open, a little more innovative and a little more focused on energy efficiency" through the example of its first wholly owned data center. Read More »

HP Spinning Off webOS Business as Gram

The webOS platform may find new life in the form of Gram, an HP subsidiary that will focus on software and the cloud. Read More »

Dell Reaffirms Commitment to Open Source, Developers at OSCON

Dell revealed that it will deliver a new developer-focused, Ubuntu-powered laptop as part of its Project Sputnik in the fall. Dell announced this and other open-source moves at the O Reilly Open Source Convention 2012 (OSCON). Read More »

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Hit by Cross-Platform Malware Attack

An attack has been discovered that serves up malware for all three platforms and opens up a backdoor on victimized systems. Read More »

Symantec, Red Hat Strengthen Cloud, Data Center Collaboration

The forthcoming storage and cloud management packages, now in development, are being built upon Symantec storage, security and availability tools and will run on the open-source Red Hat Enterprise Linux cloud platform. Read More »

Why Android Dominates the Mobile Market

Google's Android platform has skyrocketed to the top of the mobile market and has become entrenched there with little sign that another mobile OS will soon topple its dominant position. There are several reasons why that has happened. Read More »

Open Source Finds Its Way Into the Cloud, Big Data, Mobile

As the Open Source Business Conference gets underway in San Francisco, a survey shows that open-source software is contributing to development in some of the top IT trends of the day. Read More »

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