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How Open Source is Changing the Enterprise

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 05-15-2013 Print

If open source software hasn't already emerged as a commonly used tool throughout your enterprise, it likely will before long, according to a recent survey from North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software. Once associated with stigmas about its quality and performance, open source's popularity is growing as CIOs and other tech leaders recognize its advantages in terms of innovation and collaborative edge. In fact, a clear majority of survey respondents envision themselves even working with competitors in the pursuit of open source excellence in the very near future. As for the defects that once created reservations? With thousands of developers working on these problems and sharing their knowledge in open source communities—and making security improvements as well—this is becoming a non-factor. "Companies are employing a new level of sophistication as they work within open source communities to attract talented developers and influence projects while maintaining good citizenship in the community," says Tim Yeaton, president and CEO of Black Duck Software. More than 820 CIOs, IT managers and other executive decision-makers worldwide took part in the research.


Seeking Solutions  80% turn to an open source community to reduce development and maintenance costs.


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