Companies Spend to Increase Social-Media Influence

As indicated in prior features, CIOs are taking on a greater role in the business side of companies these days. This means they're spending more time with top marketing-department executives to develop ways for IT to help increase customer connectivity. In 2013, you can expect that social media will play an increasing role in these strategy sessions. Marketing departments will boost their "social media spend" this year as they seek more Facebook fans, Twitter followers and other indicators of consumer influence, according to a recent survey from Technorati Media. The resulting 2013 Digital Influencer Report also sheds light about the social-media preferences and sentiments of both everyday consumers, as well as those who are considered to be the biggest user "influencers" on the Web. (The latter are defined as "a person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace.") Among other revelations: You may be surprised to learn that, although news sites (like CIO Insight) aren't ranked at the top for traffic visitation, they remain the "most trusted" by users. Overall, the report provides a clear sense of where the vast majority of consumers are spending their time in the digital space. More than 1,200 consumers, 150 top brand marketers and 6,000 "influencers" took part in the research.


Face Time  83% of influencers post on Facebook more than once a week, as opposed to 71% on Twitter and just 27% on LinkedIn.

This article was originally published on 02-21-2013
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