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Why Cloud Integration Is Critical for Mobility

Posted : 04-18-2017

With most organizations looking to increase investment in their mobility efforts in 2017, cloud integration is emerging as a must-have IT mobility capability, according to a recent survey from DMI and Clutch. Companies are... Read More »

Employees Are Unhappy With Enterprise Mobile Apps

Posted : 03-27-2017

Demand is strong for enterprise mobile apps, but penetration is low, and few employees are satisfied with their company apps compared to their personal, non-work apps, says a new study, "Functional But Unfriendly: A UX Study of Enterprise Mobile App User... Read More »

CattleFax Beefs Up Its Website and Mobile App

Posted : 03-02-2017

A supplier of data services to the cattle and beef industry redesigns its website and mobile app to meet market demands and provide better content to customers. Read More »

Mobility Energizes the Digital Enterprise

Posted : 02-28-2017

Mobile frameworks—and their role in digital business—create huge opportunities and the ability to disrupt an industry. But navigating mobility is challenging. Read More »

The Importance of Digital and Mobile Initiatives

Posted : 10-27-2016

A minority of executives describe their companies as "highly advanced" in their digital pursuits, according to a recent survey from KPMG. The resulting report, titled "Read More »


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