10 Simple Reasons Employees Hate the BlackBerry 08

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-11-2012 Print

There was a time when the corporate world was beholden to the BlackBerry. The devices were attached to the hips of nearly everyone, it seemed, and without them, people would feel lost. Nowadays, though, things aren't so sweet for the BlackBerry. Research In Motion’s devices were never really designed for consumers and now, even the enterprise is turning its back on the handsets. The devices are simply too old, too ugly, and too clunky for employees to want to use them. And companies, trying desperately to keep their workers happy and productive, have had no choice but to go elsewhere with their smartphone dollars. Often that’s meant opting for Apple's iPhone. But CIOs who aren’t so willing to drop a BlackBerry might not understand why their employees hate RIM’s devices. Although the products are slightly outdated, that can’t be all there is, right? Surely there’s more to the immense hatred than physical buttons and old designs. Cracking the code to employee animosity isn’t always easy. But luckily for you, we’ve done just that, and reveal some simple reasons your employees just can’t stand RIM’s BlackBerry devices.


8: The General Lack of “Coolness”
Today’s employees care about the cool-factor of their smartphones. Realizing that, it would seem that RIM would want to make its products, well, cooler. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done anything of the sort.

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