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Are You Meeting Your Employees' Mobile Needs?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 02-15-2013 Print

The world is changing. You know it. Your employees know it. And, finally, the business side knows it. Whereas IT was once viewed as an expense at many companies, it's now seen as a way to gain a leg up over competitors. And with more products and services entering the corporate world each year, you have the opportunity each day to show why IT is essential.

However, whether IT is adequately handling the needs of employees is decidedly up for debate. In fact, in a recent study from Eccentex, a company providing Platform-as-a-Service solutions for dynamic case management, found that in too many cases, employees aren't being provided the resources they need to get work done while they're away from the office. What's worse, much of that information they can't access is integral to effectively performing their jobs. That said, the Eccentex study should help CIOs gain a better understanding of their employees’ IT needs. 


IT Tools  Only 20% of employees like the IT tools their companies have provided for them. What's worse, 22% say the tools are "worse than [those] at my house."


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