Businesses Provide Mobile Technology Insights

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 06-03-2013
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Businesses Provide Mobile Technology Insights

What's Holding Companies Back?  The chief reason that companies aren't deploying more mobile solutions is that their customers haven't expressed demand for mobile services, according to 56% of businesses.

The corporate world is changing by the minute. At one time, it seemed that there was a simple equation to doing business, and often times, it came down to how well the CIO could implement a product or service for the company. Productivity, time efficiency, and all types of other measurable and actionable concerns were placed upon the CIO. And he or she was forced to respond to those responsibilities by delivering certain solutions across the company.

But things have changed. CIOs no longer have a single equation to follow to get the most out of employees. In fact, there are so many tools at CIOs’ disposal now that finding the right option for the right operation isn't always easy. But if anything is certain, it's that mobile is having an impact on the office that can't be overlooked.

In a recent survey by e-mail-marketing firm Constant Contact, which asked business owners about their thoughts on mobile devices and services, a single, important refrain emerged: Without mobile services and solutions, companies are lost. And without the right mobile solution, companies will be left behind in an increasingly competitive marketplace. More than 1,300 business owners participated in the survey.

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