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BYOD Emerges as 'New Normal' for Mobile Generation

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 04-05-2013 Print

CIOs and their IT teams are spending less time managing company-distributed hardware and more time attempting to navigate the ever-rising surge of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) popularity, according to a new international survey from iPass. Very few workers feel that personal mobile products should not be used on the job, findings show. And they're generally getting their wish, as the vast majority of professionals are now allowed to use their smartphones for work. In fact, the average mobile worker now owns several devices for various business purposes. The overriding message seems to be: If you're still attempting to thwart BYOD within your organization, you're probably fighting a losing battle. For starters, the C-Suiters probably won't appreciate how such a position will place the company at a competitive disadvantage for talent. Ultimately, it's best to work with users to come up with strong mobile policies that best serve and protect the enterprise while allowing them to use their preferred devices. More than 1,620 global mobile workers took part in the research.


Personal Freedom  72% believe their personal devices should enabled for work purposes.


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