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BYOD Practices Remain a Work in Progress

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 05-30-2013 Print

The state of bring your own device (BYOD) practices remains very much an evolving picture within the enterprise, according to a recent survey from CTIA-The Wireless Association. CIOs and other tech decision-makers believe, for example, that only a small fraction of employees are taking part in BYOD activity. However, mobile users indicate that adoption is far, far more widespread than that. There’s also significant disagreement between mobile workers and IT decision-makers with regard to whether BYOD is prohibited or not. And tech execs also confess that they fully realize that BYOD users are accessing company information and applications without telling them—in fear that IT may restrict what they do. But, hey, not all the news speaks to a somewhat dysfunctional existence: CIOs may be pleased to learn that users are proactively taking on a wide range of security-minded measures to protect devices, data and critical corporate information. CTIA-The Wireless Association is an international organization representing the wireless communications industry. An estimated 250 IT decision-makers and 1,000 fully employed mobile device users took part in the research. For a PDF of the survey, click here.


Ante Up  67% of mobile users say they have to pay for their mobile device and data plan themselves, even if they use it for work.


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