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IT Not Trusted With Employees' Personal Data

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-07-2013 Print

CIOs might be deathly afraid of important corporate information getting into the wrong hands, but a new BYOD study from Aruba Networks indicates that CIOs should be concerned about their employees, many of who are concerned about the loss of their personal data but not the loss of company information. "The research from both sides of the Atlantic shows that employees and IT departments are gambling with data security, but chance isn't the only factor," says Aruba Networks Chief Marketing Officer Ben Gibson. "In short, employees resent the power their employers now wield over their personal data, but are equally unconcerned about keeping company data safe." So, where is that fear coming from? According to Aruba Networks, which surveyed more than 3,500 people around the world, it all comes back to BYOD and the fear among employees that whenever they connect to the corporate network, it's not malware creators that are spying on them, but their own IT department.


Breeding Mistrust  Due to a lack of trust of their IT department, 17% of American respondents have never told the IT staff that they're using personal devices to access corporate information.


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