Mobile Devices Increase Employees' Productivity

It's no secret that smartphones and tablets have changed the way companies and government organizations do business. Previously, employees would leave the office and be free from their ties to work. Now, wherever they go, including at home or on vacation, employees find themselves tied to their jobs. It's something that might cause personal stress, but actually has a strong impact on the employees’ productivity.

A new study from Telework Exchange discusses mobile devices’ impact on federal employees. Not surprisingly, those employees are both more productive and willing to work during off-work times. Better yet, the employees are using their own smartphones in increasing numbers, making it easier for government agencies to handle the budgetary issues related to deploying mobile devices. The Telework study is titled The Digital Dilemma Report: Mobility, Security, and Productivity–Can We Have it All? and is based on an online survey of 314 federal employees who use mobile devices.


Security Features  Just 27% of smartphones or tablets employ multifactor authentication. And only 24% of smartphones or tablets in the federal government are equipped with remote data deletion.

This article was originally published on 02-01-2013
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