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Mobile Obsession Makes Workers More Productive 06

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-28-2012 Print

If there is anything we’ve learned from the smartphone craze of the last five years, it’s that living without our favorite mobile devices is nearly impossible. Not only do we get an immense amount of enjoyment from them in our personal lives, but smartphones are now must-haves in our professional lives. And with tablets making greater inroads into both the corporate and consumer world, it’ll be difficult to think of a time when we didn’t load up our mobile devices all day long. A new study from IDG Global Solutions, surveying over 21,000 people, finds that our obsession with mobile products has hit a tipping point. And companies are taking advantage of that trend by ensuring that their employees work not only during business hours, but also after. IDG also examined the willingness on the part of employees to offer up information for content, and the results, for CIOs, are not so reassuring. Interested in learning more? The findings might just surprise you.


According to IDG, half of the respondents say that they currently own a tablet, and half of them use it for work-related tasks.


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