Nine Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone, iPad Safe

Mobile devices are all the rage in the enterprise nowadays. Companies around the globe are adopting smartphones and tablets, and CIOs have warmed to the idea of allowing iOS and Android into the office. Part of that is due to the popularity of BYOD, but it's also due to the decline of the BlackBerry and the realization that touchscreen-based devices like the iPhone and iPad can improve productivity in the enterprise. However, that's not necessarily the end of the road for most CIOs. As several recent studies have proven, mobile products are being attacked at a torrid pace by malicious cybercriminals hoping to infiltrate corporate networks and steal sensitive data. The future is by no means certain and there's a chance that things will change and malicious hackers will modify their focus. But most security analysts believe that at least over the next several years, mobile devices will be heavily targeted. Realizing that, it might be a good time to offer a refresher on security apps designed for iOS devices. In the following nine slides, we will examine nine security programs running on iPhones and iPads, and help CIOs figure out which programs will do the best job of keeping their corporate data safe.


Hotspot Shield VPN  Allowing employees onto the corporate network isn't so simple when security comes into play, but the Hotspot Shield VPN app allows for easy access to VPNs, and provides a host of security features and anonymizing technology to keep the connection as secure as possible.  Price: Free

This article was originally published on 08-09-2013
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