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What Consumers Want From the Mobile Web

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 07-11-2013 Print

As the digerati has dictated since the dawning of the Internet, "Content is king." Some two decades later, this adage still holds true—even in the mobile age. Whether using smartphones or tablets, consumers are mainly seeking information as opposed to apps, according to a recent survey from Netbiscuits. In fact, the resulting People's Web Report indicates that a clear minority of users will download apps when prompted by a site. Many do so only because they believe it's required in order to continue accessing that site. CIOs and their tech departments must keep in mind that the user browsing experience still rules all, and that mobile customers will switch to a competitor's site if the original one is too slow or not consistent with the PC version of the site. Netbiscuits provides adaptive mobile Web experience solutions. More than 5,000 global consumers took part in the research for the report, which also compiled data taken from organizations such as IDC Worldwide, Gartner, Google, Nielsen and Pew Research. For more about the Netbiscuits survey, click here.


Slow Sales Day  Less than 8% of consumers have used mobile Websites for payments and purchases.


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