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By Dennis McCafferty

Declarative Power

Pick and choose times to make statements about what your department will do, and then do them.

Positive Expression

Avoid phrases like "we may" or "we could" and turn them into "we will."


Tape record yourself conversing, and review it to see if you sound assured and decisive, or wishy-washy.

Memorable Moment

Find select moments for strategic "shocker" statements: provocative remarks that demands attention and resonate with colleagues.

On Point

Stay disciplined in verbal and electronic exchanges. You are judged by the words you use and tone you convey.

Standing Tall

Practice vertical posture habits to make yourself look larger (meaning sit up straight and don't slouch when you stand).

Inquiring Minds

Engage others by asking questions about their background, insights, interests and so on. Everyone likes to talk about themselves.

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A Fine BalanceUnderstand that presence is created by standing out while still aligning with company culture and strategies.

Core Values

Keep in mind what matters most to others you influence: professional status, certainty, autonomy, topic and task relevance and fairness.

Building Bridges

Your acts toward others establish trust. But it takes time for trust to take hold.

This article was originally published on 03-26-2012