Opening Lines

By Dennis McCafferty

Authoritative Voice

Avoid "We would like to." Say "We will." instead.

Opening Lines

During a project, frequent but concise early conversations make for efficient work.

Big Picture

Provide incentives for long-term projections as you do for short-term achievements.

Trust but Verify

Every briefing can also serve as an opportunity to check in.

Appetite for Risk

Don't foster a no-mistakes mentality if it means not achieving excellence.

Room to Succeed

It's not enough to give people goals. They need freedom to find winning ways to achieve them.

Net Gain

Make sure decisions are made to gain positive outcomes, not to avoid negative ones.

Cleaning House

Don't simply seek to increase efficiency, eliminate processes that don't add value.

A Few Good Men

Embrace effectiveness instead of obedience. Welcome questions.

Virtual Classroom

Be a mentor who learns as well as instructs.

Ship Shape

Realize your legacy depends as much upon how things run after you leave as while you're there.

This article was originally published on 07-25-2012