Get Picky

By Dennis McCafferty

Get Picky

Respect your audience's time and attention. Don't toss in a slew of unnecessary numbers.

Too Many Digits

Presenting numbers to the nearest penny is often unnecessary and distracts readers from the important figures.

Maintain White Space

An uncluttered look on the page makes for a cleaner presentation.

Your Presentation Is Not a Ransom Note

Don't use unusual fonts or visual tricks for no apparent reason.

No Squinting Allowed

Font size should be large enough so all figures are clear to all.

Establish Context

Use comparisons to give your data meaning and relevance to your audience.

Chronology Conscious

For date-dependent numbers, be consistent with whether you're going in forward or reverse chronological order.

Ditch Alphabet Soup

Always avoid arcane acronyms.

Consistency Pays

Setting templates saves time and creates consistent style across slides.

Document Everything

Knowing where your numbers come from helps you look informed and prepared before an audience.

This article was originally published on 04-05-2012