Its OK to Borrow

By Dennis McCafferty

Dont Hide Behind PowerPoint

Stories resonate, not slides and numbers without context.

Violate the Assumptions of Your Audience

That's how to create powerful and lasting stories.

Be Honest About Your Failures

Sharing your struggles conveys a sense of humility.

Focus on Whats Happening Around You

Take note when you learn something in an unexpected way.

Probe Your Past

What's the toughest problem you ever solved? What's the best working relationship you ever had?

Collect Stories

Don't be bashful about asking your employees for their stories.

Its OK to Borrow

Good stories from magazines, books or the Web can make great examples. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Assemble a Database

Compile and categorize a list of stories so you can search for the appropriate one for a particular occasion.

Make Your Stories Timeless

If they're not dated, you can repurpose them indefinitely.

Use Your Pulpit

Take advantage of staff meetings, inter-departmental events, emails or one-on-one meeting to show leadership.

This article was originally published on 08-14-2012