BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

By Don Reisinger

Senior Software Developers

Salaries are expected to rise 6 percent to an average of $99,000 per year.

Mobile App Developers

Demand for developers of HTML5, iPhone, iPad, and Android applications is up 200 percent. Average salary? $98,000 per year.

BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

Developers with these specialties can expect demand for their skills to drop by 50 percent in 2012.

Top Tier ERP, BI and CRM

The range of salaries for top-tier enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, and customer relationship management developers have increased from $84,000-$105,000 in 2011 to $88,000- $110,000 this year.

Big Data

Demand for employees with expertise in MySQL, HBase, Cognos, and Informatica is up 100 percent this year. Demand for DB2 skills is down 50 percent.

User Experience

Demand is up for developers with skills in customer-facing user interfaces, with predicted salary ranges for HTML5 at $89,000-$127,000.

Security Analysts

Security analysts can expect to command annual salaries of $94,000-$125,000.

Cloud Computing

Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and Google Apps expertise is in demand, jumping 100 percent this year over 2011. Meanwhile, demand for AWS-EC2 skills is emerging, up 50 percent year-on-year.

Out of Fashion

Demand for experts in Flash, Flex, and ActionScript is down more than 50 percent this year compared with 2011.

Business Intelligence

Data analysis and business intelligence professionals can expect their salaries to rise past pre-recession levels, with annual increases of 5 percent - 6 percent expected over the next few years.

This article was originally published on 03-08-2012