Mango Is Still A Question Mark

By Don Reisinger

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Apps Are An IssueWindows Phone 7 only has about 30,000 available applications, and many of those are for consumers. Apple, on the other and, offers more than 500,000 apps, and the number aimed at enterprise users grows every day.

Where’s the Vendor Choice?

Microsoft has had some trouble attracting vendors to its operating system. Currently, companies such as Samsung and HTC are involved with Windows Phone 7, while Nokia's entrants are due in the U.S. next year. Other vendors must join the fray before enterprise users take notice. At least right now, there isn't enough choice in the Windows Phone 7 device ecosystem.

Updates Have Proven Troublesome

Microsoft has faced some trouble in the past updating Windows Phone 7. In fact, at times, the company's updates have left some devices bricked. Microsoft says it has that issue fixed with its latest Mango OS, but until more time passes to prove that, it's something you are right to keep in the back of your mind.

Mango Is Still A Question Mark

If Windows Phone 7 is in its infancy, what can we say about Mango? That update, which most agree is an important one that adds stability to the platform, is something that you still need to take for a spin. If you find it's as good as Microsoft says, great. If not, you'll have no qualms about passing on this OS.

Microsoft Wants Consumers

Windows Phone 7 is the latest smartphone OS to target consumer users first, rather than the enterprise. While this hasn't stopped iOS and Android from appealing to business people, it's worth exploring Phone 7's advanced social networking application, called People Hub, which could impact productivity.

Employees Don’t Know About It

Your employees probably don't know much about Windows Phone 7. And once they get their hands on it, it may take them some time to become accustomed to its unique user interface.

Consider the Competition

You'll want to evaluate Windows Phone 7 against its competitors. When you do so, you may find that the iPhone's features, including outstanding design and increasingly enterprise-friendly iOS integration, is a valid contender.

Security Hasn’t Been Tested

Most security experts agree that mobile platforms will be increasingly tested in the coming years. So far, RIM's OS still tops the charts when it comes to security features, although Apple's iOS seems to be holding its own against threats. To the best of our knowledge, Windows Phone 7 has yet to face any challenges from cybercriminals.

It’s Microsoft-Focused

Microsoft's sales for pitch Windows Phone 7 is deeply integrated with its other product offerings, including Outlook and Sharepoint. Depending on how heavily invested your company is in Microsoft solutions, this could either be a boon or a bane for your organization.

This article was originally published on 11-11-2011