Prioritize People

By Dennis McCafferty

Virtual Instructor

Chuck cumbersome device, software and app instruction manuals and go right to online tips and forums.

You’ve Got Mail

Pick select times of day to process the inbox. (Hint: Call up the most recent email in a long string and ignore the rest.)

Return to Sender

Refuse all calls and emails if you don't know where they came from.

Game, Set, Match

Treat digital conversations like a tennis match: Return "serves" quickly but with a "winning shot" that ends exchange.

Don’t Incessantly Monitor Sites

Only day traders, for example, need to know minute-to-minute stock prices.

Find a Good Text Recognition App

You speak. It types. It's that simple.

Buy Groceries Online.

Cost is only $7 to $10. You'd pay that in gas, time and stress anyway.

Prioritize People

Give select associates a unique way to reach you, like texting, to filter their messages from the crowd.

Streamlined Surfing

Adjust Web browser so your top-five sites load automatically.


Use "sleep" mode for computers and devices instead of turning them off completely during the day to avoid extended shut down or boot up time.

This article was originally published on 01-19-2012