Supporting Statistics

By Don Reisinger

Principle 1: Meet the Stakeholders Needs

This might seem rather obvious at first glance. After all, IT is supposed to determine what people need and deliver on it. Ask yourself: Does this always happen as efficiently as it should? More importantly, can the process of meeting those needs be improved? You bet.

Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End-to-End

It's no secret that the IT and business sides need to play nice. Because they always haven't, IT hasn't necessarily been able to covered the enterprise from end to end. As COBIT 5 points out, that's extremely important going forward.

Principle 3: Applying A Single, Integrated Framework

ISACA's recommendation for a single, integrated framework might be a little self-serving, but it does make sense. You need to be able to look at a single framework and base decisions from that. To have several frameworks that guide you in different directions just doesn't help.

Principle 4: Enabling A Holistic Approach

Too often, IT is silo'd off into different areas, CIOs who want to use technology to influence the business have some difficulty achieving that goal. Looking ahead, more IT decisions than ever should be made based on how they will affect the entire IT apparatus at your company. The time for a holistic approach to IT is upon us.

Principle 5: Separating Governance From Management

As you know, governance and management in the IT sector are two very different things. Over the last several years, they've been encroaching upon each other, and potentially making it harder to do your job. Realizing that, ISACA recommends you separate governance from management.

Supporting Statistics

Want to find out why listening closely to COBIT 5 and its processes might be good for your business? Consider the following statistics:

Mobile Security

Over the past 12 months, according to an ISACA survey of 3,700 IT professionals, 21 percent of respondents said that they experienced "challenges" with mobile device security.


A whopping 22 percent of respondents said that they had a security breach in the past year.

Business-IT Disconnect

In 38 percent of cases, respondents found there to be a "disconnect between business and IT strategies."

Project Overruns

Nearly half of all the respondents -- 48 percent -- complained of project overruns in the last 12 months.

Where's the ROI?

4 out of 10 respondents said that they paid a significant amount of cash for IT services in the last year, but had no way of knowing the return on that investment.

IT Investments

Still, IT investments don't seem to be slowing down. In the next 12 months, ISACA found, 44 percent of companies plan to selectively increase their IT-related investments.

Tech + Strategy

One other note on the ISACA survey: 74 percent of executive teams think IT is "very important to the delivery of the enterprise's strategy and vision."

This article was originally published on 04-24-2012