Work from Home

By Don Reisinger

Allow Travel Sites

One of the first mistakes companies make during the summer is to limit access to travel sites. If you allow access to travel sites your employees will be happy, and they're actually likely to waste less time than they would trying to unearth the travel sites that you forgot to block.

Use the Cloud

No matter where they are, employees will almost always be able to connect to the Internet. Providing them with cloud-based solutions will give them the option to work remotely and enable them to achieve the work/life flexibility that summer weather makes them crave.

Work from Home

Giving employees the solutions they need to work from home could reduce the number of people you have out on vacation over the summer months. After all, what's better than working from home and being able to take a dip in the swimming pool every once in a while?

Try iPhones

Try giving iPhones to employees going on vacation. If employees bring the iPhone with them on vacation, there's a good chance they might just check out e-mails or handle other work-related needs in between snapping photos.

Consider iPads

Apple's tablets allow for all of the same functionality found on an iPhone, with the possibility of even more business-capable applications. Hand out iPads -- you'll be happy you did.

Deal With Desktops

Desktops computers keep employees chained in the office and only allow them to work from their desks. If they have to use desktop computers, consider desktop virtualization tools and other solutions that will enable them to access their computers from afar.

Allow Facebook

When employees are back in the office, use Facebook to share photos with friends and co-workers alike - its like a modern-day water-cooler and the gains in employee happiness will outweigh any productivity losses. Besides, happy employees are productive employees.

Anticipate the Vacation Slump

Before they leave, employees are counting down the hours until they can get out of the office. When they get back, they want to do nothing revisit their experience. If you anticipate this normal human behavior you can find ways to work around it.

This article was originally published on 05-11-2012