"An army everywhere is an army nowhere."

By Dennis McCafferty

The CIO Takeaway:

Think of yourself and your career as a corporation. Are you improving core strengths and assets? How are you establishing yourself as a brand?

"An army everywhere is an army nowhere."

&#151Sun Tzu, military general/philosopher (Art of War)

The CIO Takeaway:

Don't spread your resources too thin or overwhelm your teams. Focus on core strengths and exploit opportunities accordingly.

“Life is theater; everyone is an actor—some in the lead, some in the supporting cast.”

—Ryan Blair, entrepreneur

The CIO Takeaway:

A successful department is one where roles are clearly established and supported.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking down your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks ... ”

&#151Mark Twain, author

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The CIO Takeaway: Encourage teams to tackle tough, massive projects by outlining them in incremental, compartmental stages.

“Don’t fear your competitor; they’ll never send you money. Fear your customer.”

&#151Jeff Bezos, founder/CEO, Amazon

The CIO Takeaway:

Lose your customers and you're finished. Think constantly about ways to best demonstrate your awareness and devotion to their needs.

"Its not the strongest that survive ... Its those most responsive to change."

&#151Charles Darwin, scientist

The CIO Takeaway:

Agile companies thrive in today's rapidly shifting economy. What was dominant yesterday may be "done" tomorrow.

“If you spend too much time polishing your image, you’ll tarnish your character.”

&#151Dale Brown, former basketball coach, LSU Tigers

The CIO Takeaway:

Work on your reputation from within&#151focusing on rock-solid values&#151 and your image will take care of itself.

"There is no finish line"

&#151Bob Goergen, entrepreneur

The CIO Takeaway:

Success is about savoring the journey, and realizing that your career and personal growth are always works in progress.

This article was originally published on 08-10-2011