No Lip Service

By Dennis McCafferty

No Senior VP Soup

Good organizations hire a limited number of top decision makers.

No Egos Run Amok

Leaders must be willing to admit vulnerabilities/weaknesses and trust each others' strengths.

No Excuses for Bad-Fit Hires

Select candidates based upon their prior performance and articulation of alignment with company goals.

No Turf Wars

Pitting one department against another is counterproductive.

No Lip Service

Leaders convey genuine passion about core values because they sincerely care.

No Pointless Meetings

Ditch pointless process meetings and focus on those that produce tangible outcomes.

No Fuzzy Thinking

Directives issued during meetings/strategy sessions should be articulated clearly among leaders - and then to the workforce.

No Following the Pack

Organizational strengths must differentiate from the rest of the crowd to establish distinction.

No Personal Grudges

Leaders don't have to be buddies. But good ones put aside personal feelings for the sake of strategic pursuits.

No Passing the Buck

Accountability for personal responsibility remains a given among top leaders.

This article was originally published on 03-08-2012