Understanding the Yin/Yang Nature of IT

By Dennis McCafferty

You Should Report to Your CEO or COO

It's the only way to ensure "front and center" positioning when leading initiatives.

The Four Essential Steps of Transformation:

Define vision. Build team. Create culture of leadership. Change how people think.

Vision Must Tie to Organizational Objectives

All components of the "big plan" must take impact on business processes into account.

A “Restless” Mindset Sparks Transformation

At IBM, "restless" means you're not satisfied with sitting. Agility rules.

Understanding the Yin/Yang Nature of IT

As a CIO, you justify spending money by proving how much it will save - paradoxical, but true.

Its Not Just Out With the Old, In With the New

With IT, forcing the "next, big thing" upon organization upsets the human/cultural equation.

Clear Language Promotes Your Strategies

"Alignment" and "Synergy" sound like overused buzzwords, when what you really mean is "Partnership."

Working on Partnerships Delivers Dividends

When people want to work with you, they'll go to you for solutions instead of trying to avoid IT.

The Ultimate Truth of IT Transformation is ...

... nobody really cares about technology. They care about what it can do for them.

This article was originally published on 01-05-2012