Siemens Invites Growth through Competition

By Dennis McCafferty

Novartis Cultivates Women Leaders

The Executive Female Leadership program specifically targets and grooms promising talent for senior-level positions.

Ernst and Young Addresses Issues that Hit Home

In India, Ernst and Young has boosted recruitment by delivering on transportation, health, loan and other needs.

Goldman Sachs Sends Talent to Global Places of Interest

Up to 60 graduates of the company's operations-analyst program head to Brazil, Russia, India, China and other key locations for up to six months.

Google India Launches Award for Accomplished Women

Dozens have earned $2,000 thanks to Google Women in Engineering Award.

HSBC Stays Flexible

Work-life balance was found to be a top priority for employees in India. Now the company offers staggered hours and telecommuting options.

Siemens Invites Growth through Competition

In the Middle East, Siemens has unveiled an internal talent competition that focuses on the IT collaborative skills of a diverse group of employees.

Cisco Plugs in “Power Camp”

This two-day event is an opportunity for women from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and other nations to network and share challenges and concerns with their peers.

Infosys Accommodates

In Bangalore, the company's Women's Inclusivity Network has introduced child-care sabbaticals, parenting workshops and concierge services for a variety of needs, including completing tax-returns.

Bloomberg: Reaching out with Content

Bloomberg improves its global image by making sure its content includes columns, articles and polls that address gender interests.

This article was originally published on 12-08-2011